Hillary Clinton

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There is a place for evidentiary art – but not for Kenneth Goldsmith’s print-out of 62,000 pages of the former US Secretary of State’s correspondence

BY Travis Diehl | 10 OCT 19

The absence of Hillary Clinton, Stuart Hall’s imaginative Left, and the shadow of population control: what to read this weekend

29 SEP 17

What I’ve learned from Trump’s election

BY Christy Lange | 09 NOV 16

Ahead of tomorrow's vote, writer and academic Stephanie DeGooyer argues why this is an election about gender

BY Stephanie DeGooyer | 07 NOV 16

For part five of our special series, some thoughts on the special relationship between the UK and US

BY Dan Fox | 25 OCT 16

For the fourth instalment of our US election series, tracing Trump’s nativist paranoia back to the founding of the USA

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 20 OCT 16

In part three of our special series, Fritz Haeg looks at environmental issues and the US presidency

BY Fritz Haeg | 18 OCT 16

Google returns Dennis Cooper's blog data; Gagosian to throw a benefit auction for Hillary Clinton

30 AUG 16

Hillary Clinton's 'tears', fake gondolas and Lyon in the desert - is fiction the new reality?

BY Nancy Spector | 01 APR 08