Hou Hanru

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Artists, curators and writers discuss the projects that have informed their thinking around decolonizing culture

29 OCT 18

Once dubbed ‘the world’s factory floor’, Shenzhen has re-invented itself as a centre of innovation 

BY Beatrice Leanza | 07 MAR 18

What use is art when there is no water? Sean O’Toole, Hou Hanru and Barbara Casavecchia on responding to the challenges that this year brings

BY Sean O'Toole | 19 JAN 18

Colin Siyuan Chinnery considers the development of China’s non-profit sector and its relationship with the international art scene

BY Colin Siyuan Chinnery | 24 MAY 17

What accounts for Ai Weiwei's unique position in the cultural make-up of contemporary China?

BY Carol Yinghua Lu | 06 JUN 08

Various Venues

BY Niru Ratnam | 10 SEP 03

Various Venues

BY Alex Farquharson | 10 SEP 03