John Keene

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 ‘We have lost one of the best and greatest of us,’ Keene writes. ‘She helped us to see and become ourselves, to put pen to paper and language to our lives.’

BY John Keene | 09 AUG 19
Culture Digest

With the arrival of the first superhero film to feature a black lead since 1998's Blade, a reading list on black comic-book culture

BY Andrew Durbin | 16 FEB 18

A survey of international writers, curators and artists in response to recent controversies surrounding appropriation

27 SEP 17

Met Breuer, New York, USA

BY John Keene | 29 NOV 16

While the imaginative and aesthetic foundations of the original Black Panther remain, Coates has created a superhero and storyline for a new century

01 JUN 16