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The artist’s show at Progetto, Lecce, speaks to how communication is both verbal and physical

BY Camila McHugh | 03 NOV 20

At Accelerator, Stockholm, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst reflects on the systematic repression of indigenous languages in her home country

BY Frida Sandström | 11 MAY 20

In her first institutional exhibition at Kunsthall Trondheim, the artist combines scientific research with fictional elements to create puzzling audio-visual narratives

BY Zofia Cielatkowska | 26 MAR 20

The artist’s exhibition at Migros Museum, Zurich, reflects on the political uses of platitudes and truisms

BY Matthew McLean | 11 MAR 20

With a current show at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, the artist talks about story-telling, ‘self-erasure’ and the importance of speech and language in her work

BY Dan Kidner | 23 AUG 18

Language, gesture and black identity

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 11 DEC 15

Publishing as an act of performance; the materiality of language

BY Sam Thorne | 01 OCT 08

Translation and political subjectivity in the work of Julia Meltzer and David Thorne

BY Hannah Feldman | 01 OCT 08