Michael Bracewell

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Dan Fox reviews the writer’s memoir of a twilight capital of art, fashion and music

BY Dan Fox | 01 DEC 21

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant's collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell pays homage to the pop group 

BY Michael Bracewell | 26 SEP 18

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant’s collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell reflects on one of the great synth-pop groups 

BY Michael Bracewell | 17 SEP 18

The US writer, who died last week, brought a quality of inestimable importance to the modern novel: a mind that was wholly in tune with the times

BY Michael Bracewell | 18 MAY 18

‘An artist in a proud and profound sense, whether he liked it or not’ – a tribute by Michael Bracewell

BY Michael Bracewell | 29 JAN 18

As magic is the power to influence events, Bowie's power found a personal truth in millions of people, and moved them, even changed their lives 

BY Michael Bracewell | 11 JAN 16

The recent work of Kai Althoff

BY Michael Bracewell | 15 DEC 14

A slew of new exhibitions celebrate Pop art from around the world

BY Michael Bracewell | 30 SEP 14

In the run-up to a major solo exhibition at Chicago’s Renaissance Society, Michael Bracewell considers the work of Mathias Poledna

BY Michael Bracewell | 12 AUG 14

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 NOV 09

Bridget Riley has conducted an endlessly enriching inquiry into the relationships between form, composition and visual perception

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

Independent publishing has seen a boom in new imprints, often designed by artists, of classic novels and ‘lost’ books

BY Michael Bracewell | 06 JUN 08

Victoria Gallery & Museum, University of Liverpool, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 JAN 08

'What writing has most influenced the way you think about art?' Writers, artists and curators reveal the often surprising literary influences – from Theodor W. Adorno to Lester Bangs, Gertrude Stein and P.G. Wodehouse – that have shaped their thinking.

07 JUN 06

One of most iconic and controversial writers of the past 40 years, Tom Wolfe discusses writing, art and intellectual fashion

BY Michael Bracewell | 15 MAY 06

An interview with Bryan Ferry

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 JAN 04

Théâtre du Ranelagh, Paris, France

BY Michael Bracewell | 11 NOV 03

Contemporary art and the Church of England

BY Michael Bracewell | 06 MAY 03

'Extra Art: a Survey of Artists' Ephemera 1960-1999'

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 JAN 03