Paul Kildea

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‘Light was shone into the darkest corners of the continent to reveal the most wonderful traditions, which had been isolated by cold war ideologies and boundaries’

BY Paul Kildea | 08 JAN 19

Knussen’s music laid out each component as ‘precarious, vulnerable, exposed’ – and his conducting similarly worked from the inside out

BY Paul Kildea | 13 JUL 18

Conlon Nancarrow (Other Minds, 2008)

BY Paul Kildea | 01 NOV 08

Alex Ross (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2007)

BY Paul Kildea | 05 MAY 08

The state of classical music criticism today

BY Paul Kildea | 07 JUN 06

Poul Ruders' The Handmaid's Tale

BY Paul Kildea | 07 JUN 03