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‘People younger than myself will be under the false impression that performance has always been taken seriously’

BY Pablo Bronstein |

Karen Archey on Ligia Lewis and Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

BY Karen Archey |

In a special photo essay, the artist places her body ‘in the line of danger, admiration, rejection, description’

BY Collier Schorr |

The artist’s physically gruelling performances reflect on the black body and the possibilities of resurrection

BY Evan Moffitt |

The Singaporean artist’s provocative performances constantly challenged power and prejudice

BY Wenny Teo |

Fabian Schöneich on the artist’s new performance at Kunsthalle Basel

BY Fabian Schöneich |

Mimi Chu on Robertas Narkus, Nástio Mosquito, Nora Turato and more

BY Mimi Chu |

From blues to jazz to the baroque – new fiction from Claire-Louise Bennett

BY Claire-Louise Bennett |

Johnston showed how writing was performance and politics at once

BY Jennifer Kabat |

Drawing on his dancer’s training, Laris Cohen radically presents his body simply ‘as is’ in his performances

BY Martha Joseph |

Barbara Casavecchia on the 2019 Golden Lion-winning artist

BY Barbara Casavecchia |