Phyllida Barlow Obituary

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The British sculptor who raised the humble to the monumental is honoured by former students and colleagues

The second in our series of daily reports from Venice, more of the best National Pavilions in the Giardini

BY Amy Sherlock | 10 MAY 17

Tanya Harrod on the art of Phyllida Barlow, who is representing Britain at the 57th Venice Biennale 

BY Tanya Harrod | 09 MAY 17

At Hauser & Wirth, London & Somerset, UK, the artist's sculptural forms work with and struggle against space

BY Amy Sherlock | 16 SEP 14

At BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, the artist unravels the confinement of context 

BY Helen Chang | 01 NOV 10

The artist and Slade teacher discusses the past, present and future state of art schools in Britain

BY Mark Godfrey | 02 SEP 06

Phyllida Barlow compares stills from the film Mandy to highlight the intimacy of Eva Hesse's Connection

BY Phyllida Barlow | 04 APR 03