Picture Piece

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In a pastoral Welsh landscape where poets once gathered, the Royal Air Force now trains pilots in warfare

BY David Birkin |

 ‘Aretha loved to record people. I can tell because I love to record people’

BY Martine Syms |

An exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center tracks women’s contributions to the industry, as styles shifted ‘from frivolous to functional’ 

BY Hannah Stamler |

The Drawing Center, in New York, presents a historically and formally diverse collection of works by incarcerated artists

BY Chris Wiley |

Why is female fear often conflated with desire?

BY Mimi Chu |

The artist’s first major UK retrospective reveals the claustrophobic emptiness of the paintings from his key decade

BY Paul Carey-Kent |

Sofonisba Anguissola’s ‘Self-Portrait with Bernardino Campi’ literally and metonymically reveals the hand of the artist

BY George Upton |

At Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York, an exhibition of art by queer sex workers takes a stand against violence and criminalization

BY Rachel Rabbit White |

Was there anything the Renaissance freewheeler couldn’t do?

BY Amy Sherlock |

Our lives – like menus – are an assortment of so-called ‘choices’

BY Lynne Tillman |

In spite of being one of London’s oldest artist-run spaces, its spirit remains young

BY Tabitha Steinberg |

The Swiss photographer, who died this week, is remembered for his candid pictures of ordinary people

In an age of image saturation and climate change, photographs of destruction no longer affect us the way they once did

BY Mary Huber |

An artist project explores the fetishism, humour and vulnerability of feet

BY Lizzy De Vita |

The historic image was taken by Tyler Mitchell — the first African-American to shoot the cover of Vogue  

BY Kadish Morris |

The photograph from the blaze at Frankfurt’s MMK exposes the fundamental task of every museum

BY Carina Bukuts |

Boredom, frustration and loneliness in Tsai Ming-liang’s 1998 film ‘The Hole’

BY Tabitha Steinberg |

The non-profit educational foundation re-released it’s ‘TEACH MASTURBATION’ badges

BY Ella Fleck |

The mural depicts a dystopian Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics

BY Philip Brophy |

Ahead of their September relaunch, we look back through past issues of the legendary style guide

BY Sean Burns |