Roland Barthes

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Amidst cycles of protest, Zoé Samudzi considers Mati Diop’s film in which young men ‘return’ to the shores of Dakar from their fatal attempt to emigrate overseas

BY Zoé Samudzi | 30 JUL 20

A new compilation traces the critic and artist’s thinking over several decades, including gems from Roland Barthes, Edward Hopper, Lucy Lippard and others 

BY Lucy Cotter | 26 FEB 19

How technology has shaped our expectations of desirable design

BY Alice Rawsthorn | 26 SEP 16

The revered thinker's only acting performance

BY Derek Horton | 21 OCT 15

Séamus Kealy, the director of the Salzburger Kunstverein, examined to what extent the concept of the punctum is still viable

BY Noemi Smolik | 14 NOV 14

Mourning, fiction and love: the final thoughts of a great writer

BY Sylvère Lotringer | 01 JAN 11

John Baldessari by Barbara Bloom

BY Barbara Bloom | 01 OCT 09

Michael Fried (Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2008)

BY Mark Bolland | 12 MAR 09

Literary highlights of 2008 included a biography of Theodor Adorno, a new novel by Philip Roth and short stories by Ali Smith

01 JAN 09

The Mythologizing of Roland Barthes

BY Tom Morton | 03 MAR 03