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A series of monochrome photos at Soft Opening, London, allows viewers to peek into Berlin porn cinemas, offering only slight hints of the people inside

BY Emily Steer |

The artist’s films at Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, foreground trans and non-binary concerns while appealing to an audience beyond the community

BY Juliet Jacques |

An exhibition of the artist’s new work at Cubitt in London raises ethical questions about documenting intimate moments and memories

BY Sam Moore |

Project Native Informant in London showcases feature-length films that illustrate the artist’s successful transition from a pornographic to dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic

BY Juliet Jacques |

In a new show at Emalin, London, the artist invites viewers to reassess their own preconceptions about what constitutes art

BY Phin Jennings |

The artist transforms The Modern Institute in Glasgow into a studio and living room decorated with references to his peers and heroes 

BY Lisette May Monroe |

At Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh, the artist draws inspiration from his Orkney heritage to create a unique style of painting with a whimsical touch

BY Lou Selfridge |

An exhibition at London’s Frith Street Gallery showcases delicate graphite, wax and pastel dust drawings that attempt to capture a moment in time for reflection or reliving

BY Salena Barry |

From Paul Mpagi Sepuya's self-reflective portraiture to Jan Gatewood's anthropomorphic rabbits

BY frieze |

A new exhibition in Nottingham reveals the often unseen aspects of the photographic process

BY Reuben Esien |

A new show at Tate Modern reminds us of the impact she made and the possibilities she opened for other artists, from Marina Abramović to Brian Eno

BY Juliet Jacques |

An exhibition in London features intricate drawings that blend daily life with traditional animism and shape-shifting beings

BY Nevan Spier |

The artist’s solo show at Rose Easton in London features Br’er Rabbit, who rummages through cultural ruins in search of something new

BY Sam Moore |

In Dublin, the sculptor creates a fragile yet majestic symbol of power by reimagining the famous marble felines of Rome’s Villa Medici

Amid various exhibitions, CONDO returns to the capital after a four-year hiatus to promote international collaboration between galleries

BY frieze |

At the Hepworth Wakefield, the artist’s large-scale compositions and intimate miniatures on book covers conjure a subtle and imaginative realm

BY Rowland Bagnall |

The artist’s survey at the Courtauld Gallery in London skillfully challenges tradition to establish a complex depiction of Black subjects

BY Ivana Cholakova |

The works at PACE in London skillfully blend Slavic folklore’s playful deities with sweeping landscapes to interrogate the representation of women

BY Emily Steer |

In Margate, a group exhibition ‘edited’ by the artist evokes a pervasive mood of dread surrounding class and capitalism

BY Joe Bobowicz |

From a posthumous Martin Wong retrospective in Camden to Matthew Arthur Williams’s sensitive debut in Dundee 

BY Sean Burns |