in Frieze | 20 NOV 19

‘If People Are Interested in the Brand, They Engage with the Website’

Matty Bovan on the role the online plays in his mission to challenge and push ‘taste’

in Frieze | 20 NOV 19
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Kicking off the 2019 Frieze Academy Art & Fashion Summit in London, designer Matty Bovan joined fashion critic Tim Blanks for a ‘Make It’ Breakfast, in partnership with Squarespace.  Just four years after graduating from his MA, Bovan has presented four stand alone shows at London Fashion Week, and collaborated with the likes of COACH, Liberty London, Matches Fashion, Stephen Jones and Vivienne Westwood. Based in his home town of York, Bovan describes his first solo show, two years ago, as marking a ‘seismic shift’, when people realized his work ’was more than a very brief moment’.

‘Being a designer in 2019,’ Bovan says ‘the internet is an incredibly important tool - and having a website is an incredibly important tool’. Having an easily accesible, visual record of his past collections on his website conveys a sense of ‘progression’ across seasons. In a moment when designers are increasingly ‘like polymaths, doing a lot of different things’, says Bovan, ‘it’s incredibly important for people to see it in one place’ - online, on his own site.

Frieze’s Art and Fashion Summit was supported by Squarespace, which helps people with creative ideas to launch their brands and businesses. Find out more about their suite of tools – including websites and online stores - and how to start building your own web presence at