in Frieze | 20 AUG 15

Salmon Creek Farm Part One: Beginnings

In November 2014, Fritz Haeg bought Salmon Creek Farm, a 33-acre property in Northern California

in Frieze | 20 AUG 15
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Originally established in 1971 as a commune, Haeg is currently reviving Salmon Creek Farm as a long-term project, with the help of an informal community of artists, crafts-people, cooks, dancers, designers, farmers, gardeners, makers and writers. In this film, three of Salmon Creek Farm's original communards tell the fascinating story of this rural colony, and their experiences as pioneers of alternative living in 1970s California. In part two – online in Sept 2015 - Haeg talks about his current work restoring the cabins, woods and orchard at Salmon Creek Farm, the legacy of its past and his plans for its future.