Watch Now: Amanda Hunt Brings Together Risk-Takers and Storytellers for Focus LA

Artists including Rodrigo Valenzuela, Jay Lynn Gomez and Melvino Garretti re-imagine our relationships with nature, craft, community and labor 

in Frieze Los Angeles , Videos | 04 FEB 22
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Focus LA features special projects by emerging artists and is curated for the first time by Amanda Hunt (Director of Public Programs & Creative Practice, Lucas Museum of Narrative Art).

The section will feature 11 young spaces from across Los Angeles, all bringing radical artists and collectives, whose work tell stories about labor, cultural identity and the environment; while experimenting with materials, from ceramics and design to performance and photography. 

Ben Sakoguchi, Bel Ami, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Ben Sakoguchi, Bel Ami

Labor and Performance

Highlights include artists looking at labor and industry, such Rodrigo Valenzuela’s new series of performative photographs. These uncanny images invoke early steel production, when workers were treated as engines, while imagining a new relationship between man and machine in a post-worker’s world (showing with Luis De Jesus Los Angeles).

Rodrigo Valenzuela, Luis de Jesus Los Angeles, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Rodrigo Valenzuela, Luis de Jesus Los Angeles

Jay Lynn Gomez who is known for her painting, collage and sculptural works that center labor amidst the luxury of west side Los Angeles, is showing new work with Charlie James Gallery.


Indigenous Identity

Eric-Paul Riege (Stars) creates soft, woven sculptures and performances informed by his cultural and spiritual heritage. His work celebrates the process of togetherness and his queer Diné upbringing, including traditional stories, philosophies and dances.

Eric-Paul Riege, Stars, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Eric-Paul Riege, Stars

Conceptual artist Sarah Rosalena Brady works with indigenous traditions of beading, textiles, and ceramics to reimagine digital visions of the cosmos, starting with NASA images that represent the early universe and Big Bang cosmology.

Sarah Rosalena Brady, Garden, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Sarah Rosalena Brady, Garden

Conceptual Craft: Ceramics and Textiles

LA-based artist Melvino Garretti presents a selection of ceramics and fabric paintings, some being shown for the very first time. He was among the first residents of the Studio Watts workshop in the mid-1960s, a pioneering non-profit serving artists in South-Central LA, which fuelled a rich period of creativity and experimentation within the Black community.

Melvino Garretti, ThePromise, 2012, Parker Gallery, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Melvino Garretti, The Promise, 2012, Parker Gallery

Amia Yokoyama uses porcelain for its delicate finish and its imperial past, to create her own mythology of ethereal monsters for the post-internet age.

Amia Yokoyama, Stanley, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
Amia Yokoyama, Stanley


Artist Collectives

Ficus Interfaith (Ryan Bush and Raphael Cohen), whose research-based practice explores our relationship with nature, present new terrazzo works. 

Conceptual art and design studio A History of Frogs – Chase Biado and Antonia Pinter – bring new wall-mounted metal sculptures to the fair (Marta).

A History of Frogs, Marta, Focus LA, Frieze Los Angeles 2022
A History of Frogs, Marta

And much more...


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Focus LA 2022: Galleries & Artists

Baert Gallery, Los Angeles

Iliodora Margellos, Paolo Colombo

Bel Ami, Los Angeles

Ben Sakoguchi

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Rodrigo Valenzuela

Garden, Los Angeles

Sarah Rosalena Brady

Gattopardo, Los Angeles

Dirk Knibbe, Gabriel Madan

In Lieu, Los Angeles

Ficus Interfaith, Pauline Shaw

Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Patrick Martinez, Jay Lynn Gomez

Marta, Los Angeles

Minjae Kim, Chase Biado & Antonia Pinter

Parker Gallery, Los Angeles

Melvino Garretti, Troy Lamarr Chew II

Stanley's, Los Angeles

Timo Fahler, Amia Yokoyama

Stars, Los Angeles

Eric-Paul Riege


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