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Generations in Dialogue: ‘NOW & NEXT’ Unites Korean Artists in Creative Discourse for the Second Year

Created with the support of CHANEL, the video series features established and emerging Seoul-based artists including Minouk Lim, Lee Eunu and Moon Sungsic

in Collaborations , Videos | 06 SEP 23
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To celebrate the return of Frieze to Seoul, CHANEL and Frieze once again present ‘NOW & NEXT’, a video series spotlighting Korean artists. Produced by Frieze with the support of CHANEL, the continuation of ‘NOW & NEXT’ pairs established artists with emerging talents, bringing together some of today’s most accomplished creators with the next generation of visionaries. The three-part series is particularly invested in promoting artistic dialogue across generations.

By linking the accomplishments of ‘now’ with the ‘next’ generation, ‘NOW & NEXT’ responds to the spirit of CHANEL’s founder and her desire to be part of ‘ce qui va arriver’—‘what happens next’.

“NOW” artist Minouk Lim spoke with “NEXT” artist Seo Young Chang

“NOW” artist Moon Sungsic spoke with “NEXT” artist Jeon Hyunsun

“NOW” artist Hong Seung-Hye spoke with “NEXT” artist Lee Eunu 

Special thanks to Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

This series of ‘NOW & NEXT’ was launched at a special event held at CHANEL’s Seoul flagship store, ahead of the opening of Frieze Seoul, with a conversation between Minouk Lim and Seo Young Chang, moderated by curator Yoon Juli.

Highlighting the distinctive and increasingly popular Korean cultural scene, ‘NOW & NEXT’ continues to strengthen CHANEL’s local commitment to arts and culture.


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