BY Paul Clinton in Culture Digest | 21 OCT 16

Weekend Reading List

From Claudia Rankine on whiteness to the history of the medicine cabinet: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton in Culture Digest | 21 OCT 16

1923 advertisement for Squibb's medical and hygiene products. Courtesy: Cabinet Magazine

  • Tears of eros: Will Self on the trouble with romance and desire.
  • Shirley Jackson and the suppression of women’s criticism.
  • ‘Whiteness is not inevitable. White dominance is not inevitable.’ Claudia Rankine discusses her new Racial Imaginary Institute.
  • At home with the Trumps: the true story of the Republican nominee’s much maligned interior designer.

  • ‘You choose a working-class neighborhood with an ethnic mix and you fund a café’s subtle redesign, in a way that plays the authenticity card.’ The troubling class and race politics of French Bobos.
  • From the new book Frieze A-Z of Contemporary Art, Tom Morton discusses cavemen and art, then and now.
  • Got the flu? Searching for a remedy? Perhaps now is a good time to look into the history of the medicine cabinet.
  • New on Andrew Hultkrans on Donald Trump’s nativist paranoia.

Paul Clinton is a writer, curator and editor based in London, UK. He is a lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, University of London.