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From sourdough to Princess Diana, the author's new book explores what happens when our aesthetic values meet a class ceiling

BY Eliza Goodpasture |

The video for Swift’s LGBTQ+ anthem is erected on the stereotype of the redneck homophobe

BY Nadine Hubbs |

The inquiry into the arts sector’s ‘class ceiling’ follows renewed concern around diversity and exclusion

Evidence suggests that social stratification in UK arts participation is caused by imbalance between funding priorities and public taste

Children from lower income families half as likely to learn a musical instrument as their richer counterparts

The LA-based artist’s videos, sculptures and photographs frame public drinking as an issue of gender, race and class

BY Eliel Jones |

In further news: UK class gap impacting young people’s engagement with the arts; Uffizi goes digital; British Museum helps return Iraqi antiquities

Is the lack of social mobility in the arts due to a self-congratulatory conviction that the sector represents the solution rather than the problem?

BY Hettie Judah |

In further news: a report shows significant class divide in the arts; and Helen Cammock wins Max Mara art prize

A new report suggests that women, people from working-class backgrounds and BAME workers all face significant exclusion

BY Tom Jeffreys |

What the designer will look for at Frieze, from John Chamberlain to Outsider artists

BY Christopher Kane |

Claire Simon's new documentary exposes the workings of an elite film school 

BY Sierra Pettengill |

From existentialist heartthrobs to the end of existence: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

Eric Wesley's latest project, burritos and the search for Middle America

BY Evan Moffitt |

The second of three articles exploring art, class and precarity: an interview with writer and sociologist Didier Eribon

BY Paul Clinton |

The first of three articles exploring art, class and precarity: a range of artists, curators and writers explore how class shapes art-making today

Part seven of our US election series: Ben Davis on why the topic of class has returned to the national conversation

BY Ben Davis |

Dan Fox explores the complication of class in the art world

BY Dan Fox |

From Claudia Rankine on whiteness to the history of the medicine cabinet: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

From collecting apparitions to the contested legacy of black nationalism: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |