BY Paul Clinton in Culture Digest | 03 MAR 17

Weekend Reading List

From existentialist heartthrobs to the end of existence: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton in Culture Digest | 03 MAR 17

The Cockettes, Tricia's Wedding, 1973, film still

  • ‘I took classes in archery’ – how the rich are preparing for the end times.

  • What to read as the apocalypse approaches.

  • ‘It is easier to express a reading aesthetic, than it is to describe reading’ – on the worrying online trend for celebrating the book as object.

  • From the fountains of his youth to the paintings of Johannes Vermeer, the late Gustav Metzger on his influences.

  • Tanned buns and impending impeachments – Douglas Crimp discusses his summer spent at the beach listening to Watergate.

  • Being and sexiness: how did the existentialist philosophers become heartthrobs and why does their work remain so popular?

  • Writing your way out of a problem: on Edouard Louis on growing up gay and working class in France.

  • From the frieze archives: a recent interview with French theorist Didier Eribon on queerness and class.

Paul Clinton is a writer, curator and editor based in London, UK. He is a lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, University of London.