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For too long ‘doing what you love’ has been a neat excuse to devalue artistic labour

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter | 29 OCT 19

From credit scores to algorithmic policing, Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalism reveals technocracy as not merely analytical, but predictive

BY Steven Zultanski | 17 JAN 18

From existentialist heartthrobs to the end of existence: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 03 MAR 17

On coins and iconoclasm, from Maximinus Thrax to SUPERFLEX

17 FEB 17

Since the start of the Greek debt crisis in 2010, austerity measures have had a profound impact on life in the country. From biennials to occupations, Ben Davis and Ara H. Merjian reflect on how the art scene in Athens has responded

25 SEP 15

The changing appearance of money

BY Jennifer Allen | 20 MAR 12

How are artists visualizing the financial crisis?

BY David Adler | 19 MAR 12

How do we visualize the economic crisis?

BY Nina Power AND Michael Sayeau | 01 OCT 09