Nina Power

Nina Power is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Roehampton University, London, UK, and the author of One Dimensional Woman (2009).

Studio Voltaire, London, UK

BY Nina Power | 19 MAY 16

The dark, unsettling feminism of Jacqueline Rose

BY Nina Power | 31 OCT 14

Filmmakers, writers and theorists, The Otolith Group mine the past in order to understand what's yet to come

BY Nina Power | 01 MAR 10

How do we visualize the economic crisis?

BY Nina Power AND Michael Sayeau | 01 OCT 09

The Invisible Committee (Semiotext(e), Los Angeles, 2009)

BY Nina Power | 17 SEP 09

Theorist Sylvère Lotringer talks art and the market, the failings of capitalism and how radical thinking can help us survive 'the system'

BY Nina Power | 01 SEP 09