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Nightmarish automated children’s Youtube cartoons, Assassin’s Creed architecture and the Gay Right to the City: what to read this weekend

in Culture Digest | 10 NOV 17

David Roberts, Isle of Graia Gulf of Akabah Arabia Petraea, 1839. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain

  • The system is complicit in the abuse: James Bridle’s investigation into algorithms, automated children’s Youtube content and ‘industrialized nightmare production’.
  • 50 years after Henri Lefebvre wrote ‘Le Droit à la ville’, Huw Lemmey reflects on the Gay Right to the City: 'It’s impossible to imagine gays – our cultures, habits, presence – without cities [...] Likewise, it’s almost as hard to imagine cities without gays, although many people have tried.’
  • Don’t miss Gareth Damian Martin's in-depth dive beyond narrative flatness into the rich architectural detail of Assassin’s Creed Origins, and the influence of 19th century Orientalist painter David Roberts on the game – what happens when you turn off the head-up display, and the endless violence is set aside? 'Preserved here, in this strange virtual place, within a distorted image of an ancient world now lost, was an endless diorama.’
  • Following government plans for a new environmentally-conscious capital, here at Colin Chinnery reports on how Beijing’s artists are finding themselves increasingly squeezed out.
  • Over at the Paris Review blog, Sarah Cowan writes on Ai Weiwei’s selfie-ready public art.
  • In endless thinkpieces and books about the 'Appalachia problem’, 'nonwhite people, anyone with progressive politics, those who care about the environment, LGBTQ individuals, young folks, and a host of others’ don’t appear to exist at all in the region. It’s time to rip apart the mythical whiteness of Trump Country.