Ayodeji Rotinwa

Ayodeji Rotinwa is a Nigerian writer and critic who covers visual art, culture, social justice and sustainable development. He has been published by the Financial Times, Artforum, Roads & Kingdoms, amongst others. He is Editor at Large for The Sole Adventurer.

At Gallery 1957, Accra, the artist’s use of both Ghanaian Kente and Malian textile traditions ‘offers new possibilities for the exchange of cultural knowledge’

BY Ayodeji Rotinwa | 04 NOV 20

The Christie’s Paris sale of two stolen Igbo sculptures is proof of a racist double standard in European restitution law

BY Ayodeji Rotinwa | 10 JUL 20

Complicating the ‘disaster narratives’ associated with the Niger Delta by attending to the local ecology, and those responsible for defiling it

BY Ayodeji Rotinwa | 05 OCT 18