Harley Wong

Harley Wong is an arts writer and editor based between New York and San Francisco.

The artist’s first large-scale hanging works accompany embroidered tableaux that reimagine scenes of 18th- and 19th-century opulence

BY Harley Wong | 24 AUG 23

The artist discusses his shift from figurative painting to abstraction and the studio fire that consumed his artworks depicting the violence of 1960s California

BY Harley Wong | 24 FEB 23

Paired with sculptures from the Nasher’s permanent collection, the artist’s new work explores the vulnerability of the body

BY Harley Wong | 20 DEC 22

The former starlet’s return to the screen is just a reminder of how far she has fallen from favour

BY Harley Wong | 06 DEC 22

A new production, playing at New York’s Public Theater, traces anti-Asian violence in the US but relies too heavily on anti-racist tropes

BY Harley Wong | 06 APR 22