Kirsty Bell

Kirsty Bell is a freelance writer based in Berlin, Germany.

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

BY Kirsty Bell | 01 JUN 15

Michael Beutler’s large-scale sculptural installations and his analogue alternative to automated production

BY Kirsty Bell | 29 MAY 15

In his latest work, the artist unravels the complexity of identity within the art world 


BY Kirsty Bell | 20 APR 15

Shrinking workspaces and reclining labour

BY Kirsty Bell | 19 FEB 15

Silicon wafer weapons and Mars missions

BY Kirsty Bell | 24 SEP 14

Supportico Lopez

BY Kirsty Bell | 29 AUG 14

Since the late 1960s, Dorothy Iannone has displayed a radical commitment to self-expression, portraying herself and her relationships in unabashedly sexual terms

BY Kirsty Bell | 22 AUG 14

Sprüth Magers, Berlin, Germany

BY Kirsty Bell | 13 AUG 14

Films crafted from complexity, complicity and contradiction

BY Kirsty Bell | 23 APR 14

Do three recent German museum shows suggest a haptic antidote to our screen-based lives?

BY Kirsty Bell | 27 FEB 14

Centre d’Art Contemporain

BY Kirsty Bell | 10 NOV 13

‘Painting Forever!’ opens across four Berlin institutions

BY Kirsty Bell | 09 SEP 13

T.J. Wilcox talks to Kirsty Bell about his latest video project, In the Air, which opens at the Whitney Museum in September

BY Kirsty Bell | 07 SEP 13

55. Biennale di Venezia

BY Kirsty Bell | 12 AUG 13

Is there any longer an outside to the art world?

BY Kirsty Bell | 31 MAY 13

The hermetic, inventive world of Thomas Scheibitz

BY Kirsty Bell | 13 APR 13