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Continuing his Collaboration with Jo Malone London, Kwangho LEE Unlocks the “Hidden Possibilites of a Material”

The Korean artist discusses his new work for his ongoing collaboration with Jo Malone London, which use the happy accidents produced by firing enamel-coated copper   

in Collaborations , Videos | 22 APR 24
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Following his collaboration with Jo Malone London that began at Frieze Seoul 2023, Korean artist Kwangho LEE is continuing the creative partnership this spring. In this video, LEE discusses the new pieces he is working on in his Hannam studio.

“The word ‘craftsmanship’ has many meanings,” he says. “But I think the most important is the spirit of experimentation and persistence. I think my experimental spirit and the attitude I have toward materials are what keep my relationship with Jo Malone London close.”

This will be the third year that Jo Malone London have partnered with Frieze Seoul, and there are obvious parallels for them in the way that LEE works.

LEE bends and folds sheet copper, before applying enamels and firing in a kiln, a process that focuses, he explains, on “freer form and serendipity.” He likens this combining of elements and techniques—heat, color, form, structure—to Jo Malone London’s method of “scent layering” to create new olfactory experiences.

The partnership sees the richly detailed surface of LEE’s sculptures applied to a special Jo Malone London gift box, available exclusively on Jo Malone London’s Kakao channel. “I’m thinking about how much synergy my work can create as this collaboration unfolds,” LEE says. “I believe I will be able to visualize the scent made by Jo Malone London.” 

Watch: Kwangho LEE’s collaboration with Jo Malone London for Frieze Seoul 2023.

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