The Territories of Abstraction

6 - 21 May

Paris-based gallery Galerie Poggi presented a group exhibition The Territories of Abstraction, which brought together works of artists from diverse backgrounds including Kapwani Kiwanga, Nikita Kadan, Sophie Ristelhueber, Sidival Fila and Ittah Yoda.

The exhibition explored the question of landscape and how its abstraction can help us better understand the political, sociological, and cultural issues that underpin it. At a time when the links between territory and identity, both national and individual, are particularly pressing, the gallery’s artists provided varying viewpoints and historical perspectives. This includes the voice of Nikita Kadan, one of the most important contemporary Ukrainian artists, currently sheltered in Ukraine; the iconic series Fait (Aftermath) that Sophie Ristelhueber made during the Gulf War; and the speculative proposal of the young emerging duo Ittah Yoda who offers symbiosis as a possible exit strategy.

The exhibition marked the gallery’s first appearance on the London arts scene since 2015 and will offer an opportunity to show the breadth and depth of the gallery’s programme.

Galerie Poggi was a part of the London Gallery Weekend, from 13th to 15th May. For more information and programmes, visit the article here.

Galerie Poggi
Sophie Ristelhueber, Oil #1, 1991/2020, Pigment print on Baryta Prestige Canson 340g paper from a silver color negative, 117 x 136.5 cm, Edition of 3 plus 1 AP (#3/3). Courtesy Galerie Poggi, Paris
Galerie Poggi
Sidival Fila, Senza Titolo 342, 2019, Dry pigments on canvas and painted and stitched wood, mounted on frame, 185 x 146 x 16 cm. Courtesy Galerie Poggi, Paris