Akram Zaatari

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Almost three years on, the city’s cultural sector is slowly recovering from a devastating explosion that killed 218 people

BY Maghie Ghali | 23 MAY 23

‘Here, the body becomes a ghostly mark in time, a blurring, a phantasm’

BY Christine Tohmé | 31 JAN 19

At Nottingham’s New Art Exchange, the Lebanese artist uses YouTube to reclaim strategies of media presentation 

BY Kadish Morris | 10 AUG 18

The tale of a legendary pilot and a portrait of David Hockney: what to see tonight

BY Harry Thorne | 05 OCT 16

In this sober and studied show at Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg, and Beirut Art Center, the Lebanese artist engages with secret histories, revisited memories and personal lives 

BY Ghalya Saadawi | 04 AUG 09

Beirut, Lebanon

BY Suzanne Cotter | 06 JUN 08