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Writers Gregg Bordowitz, Pamela Sneed, Sur Rodney (Sur) and Lynne Tillman discuss how the AIDS crisis changed art writing, and what lessons writers might carry over to the Covid-19 pandemic

The US writer, who died last week, brought a quality of inestimable importance to the modern novel: a mind that was wholly in tune with the times

BY Michael Bracewell | 18 MAY 18

Three shows in Ireland celebrate the legendary polymath, artist and author of Inside the White Cube

BY Judith Wilkinson | 10 MAY 18

A rare, newly-published interview with the late October editor, reveals an art critic intent on changing the terms of the debate

BY Aaron Peck | 14 MAR 18

Ronald Jones pays tribute to a rare critic, art historian, teacher and friend who coined the term Post-Minimalism

BY Ronald Jones | 02 FEB 18

The artist discusses wrestling, writing and the many people who have influenced her practice. With a commissioned portrait by David Brandon Geeting

BY Rosalyn Drexler | 14 SEP 17

Tom Overton reflects on the life of a great storyteller with contributions on his art criticism, broadcasting and fiction

BY Tom Overton | 09 JAN 17

Zaha Hadid Architects distances itself from principle Patrik Schumacher; Glasgow Sculpture Studios to close its exhibition space

02 DEC 16

After his 14-year-old blog was deactivated without explanation, Dennis Cooper speaks to Andrew Durbin about Google, GIF fiction and censorship

BY Andrew Durbin | 21 JUL 16

James Bridle, a judge of this year’s Frieze Writer’s Prize, explains how he became a writer

BY James Bridle | 07 JUL 16

In our second video supported by Arts Council England, Matthew McLean considers what failed interviews might tell us about art criticism

05 APR 16

Can failure be the best way to understand something?

BY Matthew McLean | 11 MAR 16

An interview with Kenneth Goldsmith

05 JUN 14

Dan Fox asks: who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators?

07 FEB 14

Literature versus art history

BY Quinn Latimer | 20 JUN 13

Richard Meyer’s new publication: What Was Contemporary Art?

BY Robert Barry | 14 MAR 13

Three new publications about globalization and contemporary curating

BY Sam Thorne | 01 JAN 13

Looking back at John Berger’s G. and Ways of Seeing, published 40 years ago

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 12

What can artists learn from writers?

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JAN 12

Sam Thorne explores the esoteric work of writers who created fictional artists, from Paul Auster and Susan Sontag to Oscar Wilde and Marcel Proust

BY Sam Thorne | 01 JUN 11