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The UK rapper wore a stab-proof vest designed by the elusive street artist during his historic performance

BY Frieze News Desk | 01 JUL 19

The mystery street artist has salvaged a customs arch from Heathrow

BY Frieze News Desk | 05 JUN 19

For a minimum donation, buyers can win the street artist’s overloaded boat by guessing its weight

05 DEC 18

In further art world silliness: drug dealers disguised as art dealers; and Takashi Murakami pays homage to Kanye

31 OCT 18

What a brief history of creative destruction reveals about the Sotheby’s shredding stunt

BY Darran Anderson | 22 OCT 18

In a new video, the artist claims that his rigged frame was supposed to destroy Girl With Balloon in its entirety

18 OCT 18

Girl with Balloon, which appeared to self-destruct at a Sotheby’s auction last week, has been reborn

12 OCT 18

In further art world madness: Basquiat heads to Broadway, and Disney’s spray-painting drone

BY In the Name of Art | 08 OCT 18

The mysterious project, which has signed up Marina Abramović and Massive Attack, will create a ‘city within a city’

30 AUG 18

Police have released footage of a man slipping out of a Toronto gallery carrying a valuable print by the street artist

18 JUN 18

‘Pornhub Nation’ reveals all, the latest from Yeezy Home and why the Royal Academy rejected Banksy: further adventures in dystopian art world mania

BY In the Name of Art | 14 JUN 18

Dana Schutz show at ICA Boston attracts protests; Condo heads to Shanghai and Mexico City in 2018; Village Voice union threatened

28 JUL 17

LA's Acme Gallery and Lisson's Milan space to close; William Pope.L wins Bucksbaum Award; Banksy investigated by police

06 JUN 17