Ben Rivers

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At Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, a group exhibition is cast as a ‘constellation’ of Bruce Baillie’s influence

BY Ren Ebel |

A genre more associated with painting, an interest in the environment grounds a number of recent artists’ films 

BY Erika Balsom |

The heart of a thundercloud, the versatility of László Moholy-Nagy and the last scientist on Earth: the city's best current shows

BY Sara Cluggish |

Hear first-hand from the world's most influential artists, curators, musicians and cultural commentators

What's motivating broadcasters to collaborate with artists?

BY Maeve Connolly |

Julia Holter, Alexander McQueen and Ben Rivers: Charlie Fox shares his highlights from 2015

BY Charlie Fox |

The evolution of the ‘artist’s feature film'

BY Dan Kidner |

Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany

BY Dominikus Müller |

The best movies and artists’ films of 2011

BY Thomas Beard AND Emilie Bickerton |

In recent years, artists in the UK have increasingly turned to narrative cinema and mainstream TV, a shift that has coincided with a renewed interest in the video and new-media practices of the 1970s and ’80s. How does this relate to issues of funding, ideology, duration and display? A round-table discussion with artists Ed Atkins, Melanie Gilligan, Anja Kirschner and Ben Rivers

BY Dan Kidner |

A short story with images from Ben Rivers’ film Slow Action (2010)

BY Mark von Schlegell |

A Foundation, Liverpool, UK

BY Jonathan Griffin |