Capitain Petzel

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At Capitain Petzel, Berlin, the artist’s solo exhibition focuses on an all-women Kurdish military group

BY Guilherme Vilhena Martins |

At Capitain Petzel, Berlin, the artist pays homage to writers such as Jane Austen and James Joyce

BY Chloe Stead |

A guide to the best current shows across the German capital

BY Gabriela Acha |

Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Germany

BY John Quin |

Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany

BY Elisa R. Linn |

The pick of the shows opening this week as part of Berlin Gallery Weekend

BY Arielle Bier |

Matt Mullican talks about his 40-year career in relation to his recent project, The Meaning of Things

BY Jörg Heiser |

Charline von Heyl’s paintings reveal a unique language developed in the face of information streams and image overload

BY Kirsty Bell |