Cindy Sherman

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From Greer Lankton to Cindy Sherman, Sam Moore looks at works that have subverted the doll’s sexless femininity

BY Sam Moore | 14 AUG 23

A grotesque new group show at Sadie Coles HQ, London, addresses sexual power dynamics but tends toward outdated provocation


BY Thomas McMullan | 01 JUN 23

From Bekhbaatar Enkhtur’s sleeping wax figure at Matèria, Rome, to Cindy Sherman’s baroque selfies in tapestry form at Aarhus Art Museum

BY frieze | 24 MAR 23

At ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, an exhibition dedicated to tapestries continues the artist's interest in the construction of persona through social media

BY Alice Godwin | 09 MAR 23

From Joanna Piotrowska in Warsaw to Leonor Antunes in Luxembourg

BY Carina Bukuts | 30 OCT 20

The New York-based photographer answers our questionnaire

BY Cindy Sherman | 29 MAY 20

A new book published to coincide with her retrospective at London’s National Portrait Gallery includes a rare glimpse of the artist’s workspace

BY Figgy Guyver | 27 JUN 19

What the Google Arts & Culture app tells us about our selfie obsession

BY Orit Gat | 23 JAN 18

Charlie Fox traces the recurring appearance of the mask in art

BY Charlie Fox | 01 OCT 17

Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, USA

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 22 DEC 16

Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, USA

BY Stephen Squibb | 15 APR 16

Chicago Cultural Center, USA

BY Jason Foumberg | 05 MAY 08