David Bowie

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With ‘David Bowie Is’ at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Glenn Adamson on the evolution of the music video – a genre Bowie ‘essentially invented’

BY Glenn Adamson | 05 APR 18

The artists, curators and dealers proving that passion for historical art is far from a thing of the past

BY Matthew McLean | 03 OCT 17

A look back at the year that gave us Mark Greif’s Against Everything and David Bowie's final act

BY Ben Eastham | 21 DEC 16

David Bowie as art school

BY Dan Fox | 10 MAR 16

As magic is the power to influence events, Bowie's power found a personal truth in millions of people, and moved them, even changed their lives 

BY Michael Bracewell | 11 JAN 16

From Samuel Beckett’s plays to Nick Cave’s music, the artists and filmmakers discuss the evolution of their artistic imaginations

BY Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard | 25 SEP 14

Film director Nicolas Roeg talks to his friend, the artist John Stezaker, about collage, editing and memory, and film’s ability to ‘trap shadows’

BY John Stezaker | 12 OCT 13

What do we mean when we call someone, or something, pretentious?

BY Dan Fox | 01 OCT 09