Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award

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The eight shortlisted candidates this year discuss untold stories, their theme of “Technological Transformations” and what it means to be a filmmaker

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A young woman uses VR technology to rehearse an upcoming date over and over again while attempting to craft the perfect lie

After being infected with a cyber-virus, a CIA operative Adam Wilson is slowly zombified as his aggressor infiltrates his mind to get him to change his mission

Nora is given an AI headset that allows her to see memories of her mother and deal with the trauma of her death

Winner of the Jury Award 2024. After a harrowing diagnosis, Eric is given the opportunity to test a virtual-living experience. But glitches in the system start to show that his newfound “freedom” isn’t all it seems

Marcie, a mysterious teenager, is in pursuit of opening a portal with the intention of summoning STRANGE-GRL. However, complying with STRANGE-GRL’s demands triggers a dangerous transformation…

Winner of the Audience Award 2024. A controversial tech CEO defends her latest software ahead of its launch. As the interview grows increasingly antagonistic, she secretly grapples with her desire to unleash the technology on the world

A bank teller meets a crypto-obsessed homeless man, taking her on a journey through the Vermont Square area of South Central

An old man losing a battle with Alzheimer’s risks his life to preserve a significant event that he cannot remember

Check out the eight films shortlisted for this year’s award and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced during Frieze Los Angeles 2024

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The fair returns to Santa Monica Airport for its fifth edition with new public spaces, a new Focus curator, and new local and international exhibitors 

Six to eight emerging filmmakers will be selected for a four-month program led by Ghetto Film School to produce individual short films

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The Spanish filmmaker’s reflection on identity and cinema was lauded by the likes of Matt Jackson while Shandrea Evan’s spotlight on the transformative power of connection and community won the Audience Award

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The filmmakers share their experiences and reflect on the process of creating films around the theme of ‘Identity’

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As the Award marks its third year, Diante Singley, Jane Chow and Timothy Offor share how the Fellowship helped their artistic and professional development

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Winner of the Audience Award 2023. Homesick after moving to Los Angeles, a young woman begrudgingly visits her great aunt where she sees her city through a fresh lens 

Watch online the films shortlisted for the Audience Award 2023

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An empty-nester must try to find herself when her beloved canine goes missing

A Soviet emigré family gathers together to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but the night develops a less than celebratory note
On a walk, a man ponders an existential question whose broad implications play out in a kaleidoscope of daily life