Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award

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On a walk, a man ponders an existential question whose broad implications play out in a kaleidoscope of daily life
Against the backdrop of the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles, and told in small vignettes, a man comes to terms with love, religion and choice
A young woman grapples with her own sense of self in the aftermath of a relationship
Through the perspectives of a father and daughter, an exploration of adults’ limited time and children’s eagerness of desire

After getting robbed for his bike, a straight arrow contemplates revenge

Winner of the Jury Award 2023. Oblivious to the fact she is running on empty, a woman leaves her LA apartment on a last-minute request

Ten emerging filmmakers will be selected for a four-month virtual program led by Ghetto Film School and Endeavor Content to produce individual short films

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

A Look back at the third year of the Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award, in partnership with Endeavor Content and Ghetto Film School

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

The emerging filmmaker's portrait of youth on the brink of change was lauded by likes of artist Kehinde Wiley, while Adham Elnashai’s exploration of cultural difference won the Audience Award

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

In the future, as the earth becomes uninhabitable, a former ballet dancer discovers that the end is only the beginning through a mysterious entity

A young Vietnamese-American girl idolizes her mother and acts as her shadow – until one day, her mother gets an unexpected surgery

On a journey of self-exploration to find himself in Los Angeles, a young man visits local cornerstones of the Black community

Inspired by a 19th-century folktale, a young father chases a specter around his home in search of his daughter

In the future, a general labor strike sweeps Los Angeles and a Korean immigrant clashes with his teenage daughter over whether to participate


All is fine and dandy on Jo and Rashaad’s first day living together until a condom breaks

Winner of the Jury Award 2022. As a young Black man prepares to start at Stanford University, he must say goodbye to his community and his childhood

A habitual liar afraid of disclosing his sexuality is slowly killed by his deceit to his friends

On the eve of her moving out of Los Angeles, a second-generation Chinese-American woman learns how to let go

Winner of the Audience Award 2022. After moving to Los Angeles, a young Egyptian woman struggles to maintain the facade of the lifestyle her conservative father dictates