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Egyptian surrealism: a case-study in global modernity 

BY Negar Azimi | 23 APR 17

From Egyptian surrealism to Parisian pissoirs: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 21 APR 17

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

BY Anna Wallace-Thompson | 30 NOV 16

The enduring popularity of the minor European god Bes

BY Alastair Sooke | 08 SEP 16

The New Museum launches an USD$80 million campaign and the Turner Prize shortlist is announced

13 MAY 16

The intertwining of life and death in poetry, art and nature

BY Olivia Laing | 07 MAY 16
Culture Digest

The rise of online exhibition spaces and the documenting of social unrest

BY Ben Eastham | 23 MAR 16

Can Egypt’s NGOs survive repressive new legislation?

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie | 19 FEB 15

Sukhdev Sandhu on an abandoned cinema in the Sinai Desert

BY Sukhdev Sandhu | 27 OCT 14

How artists and curators have responded to upheaval in the Arab world, from 1967 to the present day

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie | 13 APR 13