Frieze Masters 2021

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A year celebrating art from around the world and across the ages, along with new ventures and projects

14 DEC 21

The Seoul-based designer discusses his extensive collective – including works by Lee Ufan and Ahn Kyuchul – and the last work he brought 

BY Teo Yang | 09 NOV 21

The artist reflects on a single work by the Spanish master that opened up an absurd world

BY William Kentridge | 25 OCT 21

The philanthropist and collector shares her favourite works from the Frieze London & Masters 2021 edition of Frieze Viewing Room

18 OCT 21

Explore some of the best artwork and galleries at this year's fairs in Regent's Park

17 OCT 21

View outstanding artworks and objects from across the fair

17 OCT 21

Frieze Masters gallery Les Enluminures presents the work of miniaturist Simon Bening and speaks about the remarkable art of medieval manuscript painting


16 OCT 21

Discover the Danish artist who was born Einar Wegener and became Lili Elbe, at Frieze Masters 

15 OCT 21

Watch tours of Frieze Viewing Room with our global consultants speaking to galleries about their digital presentations

15 OCT 21

From an ancient Egyptian masterpiece to avant-garde discoveries in Spotlight, the renowned curator shares his highlights from the Frieze Masters 2021 edition of Frieze Viewing Room

15 OCT 21

From Robert Mapplethorpe to Alexandra Bircken, the former Lanvin menswear designer picks his favourite artworks on Frieze Viewing Room

BY Lucas Ossendrijver | 14 OCT 21

From Louise Bourgeois to Hernan Bas, discover the favourite works of the Seoul-based designer


BY Teo Yang | 14 OCT 21

Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters, gives a tour of the fair on Frieze Viewing Room

13 OCT 21

Isobel Harbison chronicles the Dublin City Gallery's inseparability from the 20th-century politics of its capital namesake

BY Isobel Harbison | 06 OCT 21

The Curator and art historian on directing the Fitzwilliam Museum, the sight that sets artists apart and the best snack in Florence

BY Luke Syson | 06 OCT 21

Andrew Durbin reflects on the efforts of seven centuries to monumentally exalt – and incidentally profane – the poet Dante

BY Andrew Durbin | 06 OCT 21

From seminal works by William Kentridge to a masterpiece by Goya, explore unmissable presentations at this year's fair

30 SEP 21

The new section at Frieze Masters 2021 brings together objects of conceptual and technical brilliance, from Indian glass painting to plaster works by Rachel Whiteread 

28 SEP 21

Filmed in the Cast Courts of the V&A, Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters previews the 2021 fair

24 SEP 21