Gagosian Gallery

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A show at Gagosian, London, pairs the pop master with the early twentieth-century eccentric, beloved of Duchamp

BY Harry Thorne |

In further news: po-mo architecture in the UK gets heritage status; Kassel to buy Olu Oguibe’s monument to refugees

‘He gave me the chance’

‘They asked for this lawsuit on a silver platter’ said collector Steven Tananbaum’s counsel, alleging a Ponzi-like scheme

What makes a commercial exhibition 'museum quality' 

BY Dan Fox |

Q: What should change? A: 'At the Moment, Britain's slow car crash into Brexit.'

BY Glenn Brown |

New Orleans Museum of Art acquires works from Souls Grown Deep Foundation; Ai Weiwei joins calls for the release of Liu Xiaobo; Lala Rukh has died

Google returns Dennis Cooper's blog data; Gagosian to throw a benefit auction for Hillary Clinton

A conversation between artist Glenn Brown, Bice Curiger, director of Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, and Ger Luijten, director of Fondation Custodia

A rising gallery scene in a city challenging stereotypes

BY Bettina Korek |

Taryn Simon speaks about her new project, a collaboration with a nuclear facility in Russia

BY Pablo Larios |

A new director for the KW Institute and an art school inspired by Black Mountain College: the latest headlines from the art world

Art history meets domestic life in the paintings of Jonas Wood

BY Ian Chang |

Gagosian Gallery

BY George Barber |

Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA

BY Naomi Fry |

Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

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Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

BY Natasha Degen |

Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA

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Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

BY Karen Rosenberg |

Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

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