Isobel Harbison

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Isobel Harbison chronicles the Dublin City Gallery's inseparability from the 20th-century politics of its capital namesake

BY Isobel Harbison | 06 OCT 21

With a show opening at Hollybush Gardens tomorrow, the artist discusses her career addressing social and political issues through performance

BY Isobel Harbison | 21 NOV 18

A 1926 boozy sketch for a commission intended for the League of Nations building in Geneva was declined for being ‘too bacchanalian’

BY Isobel Harbison | 14 AUG 18

Post-Grenfell, mid-Windrush and pre-Brexit, a day-long forum in London invited artists and organizations to re-imagine the communities we live in

BY Isobel Harbison | 29 MAY 18

A multi-faceted collaboration between Matthew Barney, Ragnar Kjartansson and the Iceland Dance Company reflects on ritual and religion

BY Isobel Harbison | 22 AUG 17

The solace of Boris Charmatz’s danse de nuit in light of the Manchester atrocity

BY Isobel Harbison | 24 MAY 17

Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 08 MAY 17

The images of Team Refugee at the Olympics offers a glimmer of hope in a gloomy summer

BY Isobel Harbison | 10 AUG 16

Simon Lee Gallery, London, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 02 JUN 16

Fondazione Memmo, Rome, Italy

BY Isobel Harbison | 27 MAY 16

Theatrical textiles and characters in clay

BY Isobel Harbison | 30 MAY 14

High definition videos and B-movie soundtracks; technical effects and cadavers

01 MAY 11

White Cube, London, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 01 OCT 10

Milton Keynes Gallery, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 01 SEP 10

Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

BY Isobel Harbison | 01 MAR 10

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK

BY Isobel Harbison | 01 OCT 09