Issue 202

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How much to read into Samuel Beckett’s flirtation with fashion?

BY Cal Revely-Calder | 20 MAR 19

The Hong Kong-born artist showcases the darkly comic potential of cartoon visuals

BY Harry Thorne | 15 MAR 19

On the centennial of Cunningham’s birth, how does his legacy prompt us to talk about othered bodies?

BY Marissa Perel | 15 MAR 19

Commissioned by Emmanuel Macron, the restitution report by Felwine Sarr and Bénédicte Savoy has paved the path for former colonisers to return art and artefacts

BY Nicholas Mirzoeff | 15 MAR 19

Is censoring art the solution to divisive politics? Art historian Susanne von Falkenhausen doesn’t think so

BY Susanne von Falkenhausen | 15 MAR 19

These specially commissioned photographs capture an ever-changing city through portraits of friends 

BY Oto Gillen | 15 MAR 19

Negar Azimi visits the Damascus-born artist ahead of her retrospective at MoMA PS1

BY Negar Azimi AND Simone Fattal | 15 MAR 19