James Turrell

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The artist is building a ‘controlled environment for the contemplation of light’ inside a dormant volcano in Arizona

16 JAN 19

Various venues, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

BY Edward Ball | 25 MAY 16

How art in 2013 reflected economic inequalities and suggested alternative ways forward

BY Ben Davis | 11 JAN 13
City Report

‘Pacific Standard Time’ is an collaboration that traces different histories of Southern Californian art from 1945 to 1980

BY Sam Thorne | 01 JAN 12

Artist Anthony Pearson talks to Barbara Kasten about theatricality, her photographic approach and ‘thinking like a painter’

BY Anthony Pearson | 01 NOV 11
Culture Digest

Paul Schütze (free download)

BY Jennifer Higgie | 01 OCT 08