Jean Cocteau

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A photograph by Berenice Abbott, and its stubborn refusal to be read

BY Harry Thorne |

From Alexander Kluge on poetry to Hannah Arendt on totalitarianism: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

Marc Camille Chaimowicz muses on Jean Cocteau's murals in the church of Notre Dame de France in London's Leicester Square, and the prolific artist's complex relationship with religion, the avant-garde and European high society

Forgotten murals by the late artist and poet, Jean Cocteau

BY Jennifer Higgie |

From her father’s illustrations of Jean Cocteau’s poetry to Lucas Cranach, Giorgio de Chirico and Gerhard Merz, the German artist discusses the evolution of her pictorial language and Jennifer Higgie responds to her ‘heart-breaking hallucinations’

BY Jennifer Higgie |

The first in an occasional series in which an artist, curator or writer discusses the buildings and environments that have most influenced them

BY Pablo Bronstein |

Nottingham Contemporary

BY Kathy Noble |