La Monte Young

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Sasha Frere-Jones pens a letter to Todd Haynes, the director of the new documentary, which charts the band’s illustrious career

BY Sasha Frere-Jones | 18 OCT 21

Father and son duo Yoshi and Tashi Wada talk Fluxus, Hindustani singing and home-made instruments

BY Sara Cluggish | 15 NOV 16

The experimental filmmaker and musician has died, aged 76

BY Geeta Dayal | 12 APR 16

The long-running installation for sound and light dates back to a particular period in downtown New York

BY Andy Battaglia | 23 OCT 15

Henry Flynt talks about half a century’s worth of wildly divergent activities

BY Ross Simonini | 21 MAR 14

The problems of defining and exhibiting sound art

BY Paul Schütze | 19 OCT 13