Lina Bo Bardi

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At Museo Jumex, Mexico City, a retrospective of the pioneering architect’s key projects shows how she worked to tear down class and racial barriers in Brazilian society

BY Evan Moffitt | 14 APR 20

Lina Bo and Pietro Maria Bardi’s Instituto de Arte Contemporânea courted controversy by applying European pedagogical models in a post-colonial context

BY Dr. Jane Hall | 04 APR 19

Bolsonaro’s repeated insults towards women, people of colour and the LGBT community, should have been enough to derail his campaign – it wasn’t

BY Fernanda Brenner | 30 OCT 18

The Mayor of London launches a new arts initiative, while the Getty Foundation pledges to preserve Eileen Gray's iconic Villa E.1027

02 AUG 16

Various venues, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

BY Tobi Maier | 16 SEP 14

The legacy of one of Brazil's greatest architects

BY Silas Martí | 11 DEC 13