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An exhibition at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt displays 25 of the Scandinavian artist’s monumental woven artworks

BY Figgy Guyver | 25 SEP 19

The creator of otherworldly cover art has died aged 69

BY Kadish Morris | 02 SEP 19

An exhibition at the Met, New York, displays the renowned architect’s designs for interiors

BY Kadish Morris | 05 AUG 19

Published in conjunction with a show at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Apollo’s Muse’ catalogues stellar lunar imagery

BY Kadish Morris | 22 JUL 19

An exhibition at New York’s Historical Society presents 70 arresting images from pioneering women

BY Kadish Morris | 17 JUL 19

A new book presents images by eight pioneering women who reported from conflict zones

BY Frieze News Desk | 21 JUN 19

A new book documents the relationship between the two 20th-century artist-superstars

BY Frieze News Desk | 22 MAY 19

A brief look through the late architect’s most striking works of art

BY Kadish Morris | 21 MAY 19

A new book surveys buildings in Central Asia and documents their distinctive styles

BY Frieze News Desk | 04 APR 19

A new book documents the lives of the women who trained at the innovative German art school

BY Frieze News Desk | 26 MAR 19

A new book traces the role of the black model in art history from the 19th century to today

BY Frieze News Desk | 20 FEB 19

A new book catalogues ephemera from Chicago’s Southside and its greatest musical export

BY Frieze News Desk | 31 JAN 19