Stadel Museum

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A look at Germany’s exhibition landscape shows the importance of identifying blind spots

BY Mahret Ifeoma Kupka | 30 SEP 20

A work by Georg Herold at Frankfurt's Städel Museum causes a debate on art museum's authority to judge on issues of racism

BY Eric Otieno Sumba | 17 JUL 20

A retrospective at Städel Museum, Frankfurt, sheds new light on the op artist's experimental styles 

BY Sarah E. James | 11 DEC 18

With a retrospective at the New Museum, the artist talks to Janique Vigier about five decades of teaching and making art 

BY Janique Vigier | 24 AUG 18

Bill Cunningham passes away and details are announced for the 2016 editions of Frieze London and Frieze Masters

28 JUN 16

Stadel Museum and Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

BY Amanda Coulson | 01 APR 10