View from the Bridge

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Recalling the difference between hermeneutics and erotics

BY Robert Storr | 01 JAN 11

Manhattan’s changing skyline

01 NOV 10

Site Santa Fe’s Eighth International Biennial is as inspiring as it is original

BY Robert Storr | 01 SEP 10

Travelling to find the archive of the late Argentine artist Edgardo Antonio Vigo

BY Robert Storr | 01 JUN 10

Notes on two major retrospectives, of Andy Warhol and Hélio Oiticica, in São Paulo

BY Robert Storr | 01 MAY 10

A tale of overlapping interests

BY Robert Storr | 01 APR 10

Have crowded museums and galleries put an end to uninterrupted contemplation?

BY Robert Storr | 01 MAR 10

The trials and tribulations of the international lecture circuit

BY Robert Storr | 01 JAN 10

Looking for art that reflects these troubled times

BY Robert Storr | 01 NOV 09

Michelangelo’s first painting goes on show in New York

BY Robert Storr | 01 OCT 09

Contemporary art’s confusion about the difference between praxis and practice

BY Robert Storr | 17 SEP 09

Panoramic historical narratives are alive and well in the world of comics

BY Robert Storr | 02 JUN 09

Leo Steinberg's erudition, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce and fine dining

BY Robert Storr | 05 MAY 09

The scandalous closure of Brandeis University’s famed Rose Art Museum

BY Robert Storr | 04 APR 09

The many ways of owning an image

BY Robert Storr | 12 MAR 09

Ilya Kabakov’s return to Russia and Moscow’s refurbished Pushkin Museum

BY Robert Storr | 01 OCT 08

How the wealthy spend their leisure time and what it signifies

BY Robert Storr | 09 SEP 08

Two vindications of Conceptualism and its offshoots

BY Robert Storr | 06 JUN 08

When patrons wrestle power from museum curators and directors, what does it mean for the public?

BY Robert Storr | 05 MAY 08

Who is really served by the mad rush of dealers to show work by recent graduates?

BY Robert Storr | 02 SEP 06