in Collaborations , Videos | 28 OCT 20

Around Jupiter Artland with Tom Jeffreys

In the time of COVID, what better setting for remarkable works by Phyllida Barlow, Anya Gallacio and Andy Goldsworthy than the outdoors?

in Collaborations , Videos | 28 OCT 20
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With restrictions on indoor activity, outdoor sculpture parks bear a new appeal in 2020. Follow writer and editor Tom Jeffreys to Jupiter Artland, set in 100 acres outside Edinburgh, UK, where the landscape is home to works by a host of contemporary artists, including Christian Boltanski, Ian Hamilton Findlay, Cornelia Parker and Nicolas Party, ranging from a functional swimming pool to a amethyst-filled quarry. Meeting Jupiter Artland cofounder Nicky Wilson, Jeffreys hears how the collection at has developed, how lockdown has affected their experience of the works, and their feelings at welcoming visitors again.


‘It feels like such a simple gesture’, reflects Jeffreys. ‘It feels like it makes us see the art differently’, he says, ‘and makes us relate to the rest of the world slightly differently too.’