Art Production Fund Introduces Frieze Projects: Now Playing at Frieze Los Angeles 2023

The curators of this year's public art program share their themes and highlights, from Chris Burden's 40-foot skyscraper to Basil Kincaid's wrapped airplane

in Frieze Los Angeles , Interviews , Videos | 18 FEB 23
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On view outside Frieze Los Angeles at Santa Monica Airport, Art Production Fund’s ‘Now Playing’ brings together a series of artworks that shine a light on the often-overlooked elements of everyday life in Los Angeles; the vehicles, food, sports, aircraft, construction and deeper histories that blend into the background.

The artists featured in ‘Now Playing’ provide a lens through which we can see these quotidian details anew; ever present but unseen, that make Los Angeles a city both complex and beloved. Participating artists in ‘Now Playing’ include Autumn Breon, Chris Burden, Jose Dávila, Basil Kincaid, Divya Mehra, Ruben Ochoa, Alake Shilling and Jennifer West.

‘Now Playing’ receives support from Art of Recovery, an initiative of the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs.

Frieze Los Angeles and Frieze Projects: Now: Playing take place February 16 to 19, 2023, at Santa Monica Airport.

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