in Collaborations | 29 OCT 20

Charlene Prempeh on Integrating Diversity in the Everyday

How can our daily interactions with technology and consumer choices support Black lives?

in Collaborations | 29 OCT 20
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Charlene Prempeh founded A Vibe Called Tech in 2018 as a platform for exploring the impact of technology on the Black community in the UK. She talks to broadcaster and cultural journalist Brenda Emmanus about the evolution of her approach and the resonance it has attained in the renewed attention to racial injustice in 2020. Prempeh explains the need to encourage investment in Black owned media and to combat underinvestment in Black businesses by raising the profile of Black creatives and entrepreneurs – the subject of a regular column in the Financial TimesHow to Spend It magazine.


‘It’s often easier to say: “There aren’t enough Black people here”’, Prempeh says on the question of workplace diversity, ‘then asking “What are we actually designing that can make it better for the Black community?”’